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The History of Chocolate

If you find yourself..."Just needing to know more!"... Read, All About Chocolate, it reveals secrets on:

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Ever since being children, almost all of us grew up loving chocolate in various forms.

Have you ever wondered what the modern history of chocolate is? In my research, I found an excellent resource for the history of Chocolate, by visiting The Field Museum of Chicago's website.

Instead of putting the full text here, I have added the links to their pages telling the whole story. The credit goes to The Field Museum for this great resource.


Introduction: Chocolate’s History at a Glance
For a quick introduction to the life and times of chocolate, check out this brief summary spanning the centuries and civilizations conquered by cacao.

Chocolate: A Mesoamerican Luxury
Unearth the ancient history of chocolate’s origins as a bitter but beloved beverage in Mesoamerican culture. You’ll discover chocolate’s significance in Maya and Aztec religious ceremonies and learn about the important role it played in social circles.

Chocolate: A European Sweet
Explore the cultural exchange of chocolate as it crossed the ocean and traveled to Europe after the Spanish conquest of Mexico. You’ll learn how France, England, and other countries also made their mark on chocolate’s history.

Chocolate: A Contemporary Confection
Investigate the effects that new technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution had on chocolate. You’ll find out how it evolved from the sweet drink of kings into its current chocolate bar form loved by so many people today.

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